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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 8, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EST

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evenly as if it was something ordinary and unimportant i got hit hard the right is on fire moving south the lift slowing down too and about twenty seconds later here i did a google search and rescue team then he ordered me to gain altitude of course i didn't do it to leave my commander is the last thing i would do i always tried to have his back during flights and now i had to do it on the ground while he was fighting i studied there and made several attacks to vehicles that were getting closer to the all of groups where room on touchdown i stayed until the fuel was extremely low i barely made it back to the airfield. after the pilot was shot down and he was alone and surrounded by militants though he had a gun and did shoot back and unverified video of what happened later appeared online a warning you may find the following images disturbing. major
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philip off could be heard shouting this is for our lads as he blew up a hand grenade and killed himself the story of the pilot's bravery has not gone unnoticed r.t. received this letter from a veteran u.s. serviceman offering support and asking if there is a fund collecting donations for his widow and child we have asked the russian armed forces if such a fund is being created we are waiting for clarification and the man who wrote that letter gave our team his views on felipe off story. he knew what is chair of this war. any knew what he had to do. any knew he was never going to be captured. that's a decision he had to bake. it's very hard to put. actually. you did really had to do it was a personal decision. he knew what could happen to him he
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knows what can happen to other troops and what has happened to his comrades these are very important people to you. and you do most anything for them . even risk your life he had to do our work this. year. i wonder if i would be brave enough to do what he did. he was a he was a good bill we should do it. support for women's rights and gender equality picking up pace online with a number of prominent hashtags when it comes to feminism people can't seem to agree on what's acceptable to say and what's not a pretty boy has. are you a feminist if you put on a muslim headscarf or on the contrary if you take it off and even burn it according to the internet it could be either you just have to choose your hash tag there is world hejab day that's the one that promotes women's rights to wear
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a headscarf it's going big in the u.k. and the u.s. job has nothing to do with oppression it's a feminist statement but many a man and man had to be women this piece of clothing is the very epitome of oppression but then there's also the no hit job movement the one that condemns muslim headscarves as a form of oppression it's especially relevant in iran right now where women are being arrested for costing off their veils and the anti hejab brigade is outraged. i have you know a job to. be earned. but if you thought religious dress was
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a minefield or simply that it doesn't apply to you beware because language is getting political too in case you won over faith with the new rules using the word mankind is kind of a foe par that's precisely what the canadian prime minister justin trudeau tried to explain to a female journalist who used the word in a question to him little did he know that an even bigger if opar no matter how much of a feminist you are is mansplaining to a woman that she shouldn't be using the word mankind but don't worry the internet told him maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind so we'd like you to look what we're going to see people kind not necessarily mankind.
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there's lots of things you can do to be yet another family says a man but here's a simple one and don't interrupt. a private. party by. people calling. but what about formula one bosses who presumably thought they were acting in an enlightened and post a weinstein mom when they fired all that great girls those are the promotional models who traditionally adorn the racetrack there is support the band say that being a babe objectifies and sexualizes women but try telling that to the grid girls many
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of whom are moving up said i'm trying to think up a new profession i've never had even the slightest hint of feeling exploited. i've wanted to be that i worked hard to get that they paid me well to do the job and i saw my outfit before i agreed to do it i knew i was wearing i knew what was expected of me the world has gone completely mad. i don't see a problem with promotional work tools we all do it by choice and we're not forced into the was and or go to apply for the job it seems these days you come right perhaps all the hashtags could now be replaced with one much less binary one something like freedom to choose are still to come here when all the international law casts debate the impact of war on young people it's a lot of
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a recent video showing kids in libya staging a mock execution of that story and more after the break. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the us exactly just pulled. the only show i go out of my way to. really packed a punch. is the john oliver of r t america it's good to see we are apparently better than to see people you've never heard of. jack tonight i'm president of the world bank. seriously send us an e-mail.
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thanks for joining us for this program a video has surfaced online showing young children in libya staging a mock execution.
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the boys in that clip are reportedly under the age of nine they appear to be mimicking a real life execution which happened in benghazi in january and that video which we are not going to show you a gunman is seen shooting blindfolded prisoners in front of a mosque where a deadly bombing had just taken place now our panel of guests have contrasting views on the story and the trauma experienced by kids growing up in a war zone. what we see now is just a mocking video actually seen actual videos where children has been used to behead people in syria and in iraq and iraq as well we heard stories when terrorist groups using the young people to be a spy on their families the individuals that are actually carrying out terrorist attacks and in particular suicide attacks often have been escaping chaotic lives that actually that the with what we call extremists material it doesn't happen until many years down the line you know and often substance misuse was
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a big problem and if we understand that the reasons that people engage in substance misuse is because of childhood trauma and if we understand that if we've got a large number of young guys children who have experienced that kind of trauma could they is it possible they were partially followed they started out or not the whole truth the root cause is not that you know first of all if you look into the history of islamist terrorism recently in a country where i was mauled by like this you will see most of the terrorist attacks in the capital of dark i was carried out by youths who in fact came from affluent families they had a very good life in fact they were brainwashed by this islamist terrorism not only by videos but by theological understanding of it and when it comes to children children are not being able to be children because of the upbringing they are getting because they are the islamic extremist ideology it in fact denies
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you of any kind of creation that children can will need to grow up all that happens in all the culture is not right now or some of the occasion in some countries. the younger kids on radicalization only extremism right from the younger age so we that's what we call them for calls from regulations to prevent such a behavior even either. in online videos or what you know we have to regulate the education curriculum so the country is required to be looked into and see how the education curriculum is being taught in schools. in america fingers are being pointed again at alleged kremlin bought online accounts that imitate real users this time though they're accused of sowing division by promoting the hash tag deep state the claim comes from controversial website hamilton sixty eight whose self-proclaimed goal is to call out russian propaganda the term deep state is used
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to refer to a powerful elites inside government or military structures that wield influence on government policies as term gain traction after u.s. president donald trump started a battle with the intelligence community accusing it of being involved with a deep state network to undermine the president. i was.
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eric trying to suggest that eleanor generous is part of the deep state so i have some questions first of all which one is erik. did he kill the elephant or the cheetah which one i don't know. so second what is deep state is it near dollywood because i mean if it is.
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the program returns and about half an hour. but politicians do something. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be us. have to go right to the press it's like on the floor three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the lawyers in the house. they sit.
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across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to people this is a simple song alone even some company guess what elsewhere they invite private companies to take over their utilities anybody tell us that all posts allowed for miss you guys you got to be a while in the going to call by ben this is us to quote them out of that uproar over some more you member of the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about to hurt and the redistribution of our west works on their debt downwards we want to.
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welcome to the alex salmond chill this week the six nations rugby football championship has opened across these islands today we present a story which is set against the background of these magnificent contests. this really a story about courage and about how you face down the challenges that life can bring our interview doughty will lead to the scottish look forward have made no less than sixty one appearances for this national side now he faces his biggest match of all against the muscle wasting condition and mandy that very special interview is coming up shortly the first agoa special edition of the holocaust memorial excited a huge amount of interest so let's hear from ties with your e-mails your tweets and
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your messages. we've had lots of tweets and a response to last week's holocaust show first from fiona brian he says interesting show always informative today poignant in a spec full thanks mike branson says remembering the holocaust basho yet emotional humbling and inspiring and then from diane he says another excellent show very respectful poignant and should never be forgotten thank you alex and thank you diane for teaching us lynne finlayson says very moving show this morning well done alex wish you could be on for longer a lot pass out on telly says billy and show alex i particularly like your bits to camera at the end highlights of my week well that's great to hear tell you i'm so sorry i'm going to have to disappoint you this week when i'll be closing the shoe then we've got a message from bear that he says love the show watched everyone so far just one
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thing hit us studios bricked up windows the post zombie apocalypse vibe is so last season and all better i quite like it but will bear in mind for the future thank you once and for us to our brains edition when he says mr singer's name maybe could tweak the clips of him playing well taken but ryan just friends and hopefully can find all of his brilliant material online. i mean traffic lateral sclerosis ls also known as mortal neuron disease is a rare and specific condition which causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles m. and d. is characterized by stiff muscles muscle twitching and gradually worsening weakness to the muscles decreasing in size and as a condition for which there is no known cure internationally one of the best known victims in long term survivors is a cosmologist in theoretical physicist professor stephen hawking and the publicity about m. and d. went viral on twenty fourteen for the ice bucket challenge in which both
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celebrities and ordinary people to park across the globe in portland scotland it was a year since the death of political activists god was brave struggle focused attention on nursing provision for the condition while the unit donald sent to the editor university named after the long term suffer the pioneers stem cell research into the disease have a right no the disease is both progressive and incurable and therefore when someone in the public eye opens up as a victim of m. and d. it generates sympathy and support one such person is dirty we're one of the most famous and best loved figures in international rugby he decided last year to go public about his condition i interviewed about muddy fields stadium the home of scottish rugby and season of some of his greatest games as a player. but i'm in here that money feel this must bring back a few memories does your very much yet it seems such a long time ago now and is
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a long time ago since i was involved a player on the pitch and it's moved office in a new pitch now it's looking out splendid sixty one caps sixty one caps was scotland well yeah very fortunate yeah when those maybe elsewhere they were really high as high so yes exactly that's ok you say now very lucky to the ninety's but there's a lot of people who finally made life a lot easier for me and the likes of gentile for standing he's played in scottish rugby and in a world of pain he wasn't i mean he was my coach it mellows and so obviously scotland in the baseline so if he wasn't involved i probably would have been selected because they've run the you in the field make you look better than you actually are so who coast through on the ball and if they don't get after that and i would have been able to catch as well so so i don't have a great time and what a lovely people have a good good memories as well as election day bill mcclaren displayed one of the
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authorities as like a mad general he also said leaping like a some in israel and that's what you called to read about i think he said once or twice i was always and nothing else. and i occasionally he maybe mentioned i was useful as a lighthouse in a desert which has been also compliments of it a series sadly mysie played a big part it's reality and i make in the game of rugby exciting and i love watching this and my view is one of the the atmosphere stadiums of the world in the last stadiums look plenty that have no atmosphere this is pretty and say it and it has great atmosphere when we play in the big games they see scott winning when young and a big of a map on the field we'll be as close to each other in the way now it's we couldn't hear the way no calls because the noise was just so great on the field because of the bones of the roof on to the pitch and with that so my fear is why it was a success. no and it was this took it to the big board. and with is difficult to explain to people but that is what makes you enjoy the game and the you will miss
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the late night specialist i was basically because of the school team is biggest you're the one that caught the ball or you might not believe this the law had to do him a junior junior year am i was involved in the horses and joy the pony club or used to ride horses and it was mainly for a while competed in the school championships and i think i helped me in the inner so when you get propelled by some double decker buses you've got to be pretty good in the cold and understand how to move in the air and with the horses and stuff you get so a balance a good friend to help me in the game and oversee with the courses in the dressage test you go understand the reason behind their all and try and work out the quickest route and you went on to a really bad injury and that was and was at. mentis seven just over
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twenty years ago now just part of the game remember the lines is quite special it's the home the home unions to go to every four years a bit like the olympics and. to get away at all three was risk create to go on the tour and the enforcer to be enjoyed it was david be able to to witness for spain was pretty special for myself and the family of all the moments you had what was your favorite moment a little bit i think is probably so when you first asked you the same question what's your favorite part and so politics i've had such a great time over twenty thirty years traveling the world to mean a lot of people certain games you remember the tenth time when the main two main tickets argentina here was pretty special from a revolver in three world cups numinous from. numerous rugby games see this well on and with everyone's kind of special on the back of rugby as well. to try and find santa clause with the b.b.c.
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question of sport so again. for some primitive times i just find them and they just for scotland to win them a small club i did ask of him but i didn't find them i just phoned the self-serving he was crazy busy. going but what a great. country that was as well to go visit back to the rugby world cups maintain one we've got managed to get every final which was great for scotland in ninety five again in the world cup you won't believe i scored two tries or one match emilie's made the school tries to kill a key. school or the team that was the year job there were job ready in one minute she must either feel a bit of fun with some of your colleagues after the game did because it was quite a unique game in israel against new zealand didn't mean i had a very good try scoring record when you mention of scored four or six they once
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were. and spells but yes as a forward you know they have to try and win the ball to me at least for the boks the pretty boys of the team to school tries to make the points and they take over go to the haystacks s. i mean the government's going to start. to go all over the world is justified because the good players so your melrose start with newcastle and then back to the . new have clia when did you decide that you know it's time to hang up your boots and you can jump over suppose the thing that i had to feel when you separate the last game of rugby i'll be playing competitive level well i think everybody knows friend when this insight to move themselves were able to me the decision to come back to the board because i've always been one to be quite loyal for the chelsea so i possibly could have gotten played in five years others. clubs. world if a choir but again it was it wasn't what i wanted to do get paid for playing for
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a club i didn't know so the clubs i did was involve mallows and newcastle on the ball this was very special and with that thought it was the ultimate andean and with that belief. it discover it to c.d.'s they may be difficult to save you could enjoy what you do and i was twenty five times a day in the later years and people who know me know that i don't really enjoy training and with that i just was it was an enjoyable and when you don't enjoy something you've kind of got to get up and move on in and it comes in and sometimes you know that yourself but i had a good end in that if i did all this when i finished and and that was it an unknown enjoying showing and on the plate you played against the great players of the us today which which which was your the one that really stood a few paces the one who spent it past you can you give me a little well it was quite a lot of him was not fast. i think i want to spend so i was probably two and a little. he was just standing to just agree. huge powerful
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hard skills his legs were massive use to touch him was pretty impressive to try and tackle him was even better but not many people did that and seen him run through so many people honey when he played against england was it was quite special remember that. in the moment i think i love you all over the world well as well but sadly not here anymore but he was quite phenomenal too just to be involved and it gave me propelled the game that we had but it is now a little less scotland team leave that disappoint a little last. but what do you think the prospects are for the side you see developing in scotland where i think they've done very well fortunate last out there at toad's and he knows you knows what to do the team know that performance well so moving forward i think it's a good time. they were unfortunate in some ways because of their fantastic autumn test so whether weighed in a bit confident it's always difficult to tell because scott would always prefer the
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good news on the dog or the moment when this is favorites to do quite well in the performance against australia new zealand so. the regroup they're going on to i think unfortunately live lost a triple crown in a few other bits but they're going to hold their heads high and perform well in the us the six nations and i think you talk to legal aid sort of quick saying you think we could do some damage and a little cup come with a shot over there before sort of few injuries have happened at the moment to scotland squad but they know what we can to get better get back playing again but it's a very exciting site of the nobody tries or good facility it was just outstanding and that shows their ability to have to score which has not been president and recent years so everyone the students have been sold out for many a month already and just shows you the support of court because the way the players think everyone's behind them home games are going to happen amounts what really people would like to see and support i mean can you want to see that memory to
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muddy field and some new school maybe a warship school sponsoring the french and some exciting time and. national governments and various locations still don't understand what the currency is how mining works what bitcoin does and that confusion and that learning curve that they haven't bothered to climb leads to a lot of missed policy choices messed up policy choices and it's just because of a massive confusion out there so little is known about. all levels of government most levels of the world and even within the crypto community itself. despite its turbulent his. the soviet union i know has dominated international sport however this is not about the motives of those champions from the.
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sort of you know that go. right on the charts number i do think that. the warm will be there with the in goal for me just remember two three brothers described to lose for the order of europe of what irish was the first to be reserved for york for the first sort of you to limp it team with nine hundred fifty two with saluted seats of ifas concentration camp prisoners and from flying soldiers which still think that even though it's good to go there with corruption because you are much good and they have an issue for the government because you're bursting with that you're in for the month old. son for we're going to have a lot of this with you if you think that the area we're going to go with. the variations you'll push will push through personal personal enthusiasm with the people you don't want here at the national more than to be putting your there where are the workers up.


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